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faced with adversity, i will persevere

THE 2021-22 TEAM

Pictured above are members Anna Vu, Denise Jara Arroyos, Delena Anderson, Amanda Hathaway, Aaron McQuoid, Karly Peal, Celina Fox, Dawn Short, Hermelindo Ponce Flores, Claudia Tapia, Domunique Domingo, Sunil Gurung, and Melissa Knopp

Not pictured: Alex Clay, Quin Marek, Lupita Valencia


Our Story

Our members come from across the state, nation, and beyond to serve the students of Pasco, WA. We represent rich cultural and ethnic backgrounds, diverse abilities, and incredible creative talent— and we serve that same diversity every day in schools. We’re on a mission to help the next generation find success and opportunity, while making national service accessible in the Tri-Cities community. Thoughtful and successful service wouldn’t be possible without the celebration and understanding of our differences.  


It's for this we want to thank our Members— for bringing their whole, vulnerable selves to the team and to their service. Their desire and effort to participate and accept one another is what makes our team incredible. Their drive to be a better version of themselves in every moment is what allows us to be connected and beautiful. Their care to do no harm, to in fact inspire change and kindness and justice, is what calls us to service. 


Our experiences make us who we are. Our diversity makes us strong. Our love for our community makes us AmeriCorps Members. 

Our Schools

McGee Elementary, Emerson Elementary, Robert Frost Elementary, Mark Twain Elementary, Virgie Robinson Elementary, Three Rivers Elementary, McClintock Elementary, Maya Angelou Elementary, Captain Gray Elementary, Columbia River Elementary.

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